Interiors design is more than decoration. It is also among other things a concern for functions. Today interior designer works beyond specifying furnishings, finishing and indulges with the space planning combined with the knowledge & skill of modern engineering services. Inner space is a challenge & opportunity to accomplish interior designer to explore every variable aspect of size, shape, scale, color, texture and give inner space a character of its own.

We work across sectors like residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare to create meaningful and innovative spaces. Utilizing 3D max in our interior design projects allows our designers and clients to easily visualize their design in 3D and make informed decisions right from beginning of the project.     


Interior designing of residential projects which include flats, independent houses, bungalows and villas is our forte. Maintaining a tradition of artistic excellence, creativity and innovation we at TSDPL help to create the perfect dwellings of your dream. We as a team are driven with a passion to design fully functional and aesthetically pleasing living spaces which perfectly reflects the preference, taste and style of its owner.


Interior designing of commercial project involves the creation of a space which is aimed at providing a functional design along with creative experience to the users. We undertake the designing and furnishing of the project which aims to stimulate the emotions, senses and positive energy of the users. Our objective is to design a space and create a positive and vibrant ambiance.


Backed by a team of dedicated professional interior designers, we undertake interior works for all types of commercial centers which includes clinics, hotels, offices, and much more. We believe that a commercial interior design professional should contribute at every phase of the project right from its inception till the completion. All the important aspects related to office space are taken into consideration which includes safety, health and welfare of the occupants of the space.